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Your Time to Write Is NOW!

You've worked hard all your life.

You may have reached the pinnacle of your career. Maybe you've reached retirement.

Or maybe you still face family and job challenges every day.

Yet for all your successes and activity, a small (or maybe loud!) voice inside you begs to write that story that has lived in your brain for years. You know the plot like a well-traveled road. You know your characters like family. Maybe you've fleshed it all out in chapters; maybe it languishes in a pile of notes. A story ticks inside you like a time bomb.

The Puzzle of Writing

Fiction Editor

You want to write . . . but where do you even start? Or maybe your problem is knowing where to put "The End"! Not to mention struggling to identify if the flow is satisfactory, the characters defined well enough, and the setting clear!

There are so many pieces to this writing puzzle--it can seem daunting but it doesn't have to be.

The Solution?

Professional editing provides the answer YOU need. I have assisted hundreds of writers as a freelance book editor and writing coach for over two decades.

You deserve actionable tips and resources that don't waste your time or detour your efforts. I provide editing services to fit YOUR specific needs. Whether you want a basic primer to get you going; an indepth program to help you finish and polish your complete or near complete book; or a personal writing coach, you'll find it here.

What I offer you through my Editing Services:

  • Solid techniques to organize your plot and key elements
  • Methods to create characters that are so real they seem to sit down for dinner with your readers
  • Details on how to write lively scenes without overshadowing the story
  • An Incentive Program to help you get the book DONE!
  • A Write-As-We-Go program for your FULL control over when you send chapters--and the fees
  • All of this while allowing your unique voice and style to touch readers
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Professional Editing =

Your Story -- Your Vision -- Your Voice
Only Better!

Take your first steps to writing a story and becoming a writer today. Whether your book is only in the idea stage or fully written, e-mail me personally, so we can discuss your plans.

Sandra E. Haven, Fiction Editor and Book Coach

Fiction Editor

Editing Info and Fees

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Let's Talk

Fiction Editor
Contact me with your questions on your specific plot, characters, scenes or book plans.

All correspondence will be kept completely confidential.

Let's discuss what matters most to you: your specific book.

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