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Editing Request & Fees


  • New clients please email me to describe your project, its length and your needs. We can then discuss your requirements and my schedule to determine how best to proceed.
  • After that, proceed to the two steps below.
  • An Initial Evaluation is charged at my normal fee rate because it is not a "sales pitch" letter, but a full example of how I edit a client's manuscript.
  • NOTE: I specialize in science fiction, fantasy, mystery, suspense, YA and older children's books. I do NOT edit horror, straight romance, or books with graphic violence or sexual content. The only books written for younger children I am now accepting are from previous clients.


  • If you are sending a new project (one we have NOT discussed yet), email me first to discuss scheduling.
  • ONLY send the requested information below IF your contact or other information has changed.

STEP 1: Send Information and Manuscript

I usually use MSWord's Tracking or Revise feature to mark suggestions to your manuscript.
If you want more information on Microsoft Word's "Track Changes" method, click here and a very small file will download to your computer. You can use it to test out and review this MSWord method. Then click your browser's "Back" button to return here. If it does NOT download (depends on your system), just email to let me know, and I'll attach the file to an email.

I can also use Open Office with its "Change" feature.
This is similar to MSWord's Revise mode. To try it out, open any file you have in Open Office, then click Edit, Changes, and Record. Make several changes to the document. You'll see how inserted and deleted words are displayed (what you would see when I send back suggestions). Then click Edit, Changes, and then Accept or Reject. Now you can quickly review and decide on each suggested change.

If you prefer another method of marking changes, please let me know. I'm glad to work with you in whatever method works best for us both.

Send me the information requested below by highlighting the questions, use "Copy" to copy them.

Click the image below (showing the transfer between two computers). A blank email will open. Use "Paste" to insert the questions; then just add your answers directly in the email.

Attach your manuscript or chapter file to the email.

Need any help? Just let me know by email and I'll send detailed instructions on attaching a file to an email.

Copy/Paste these questions to an email:

  • Your name:
  • Email address (if you prefer one diffierent than the one you are sending from):
  • Mailing address:
  • Phone number:
  • Manuscript title (or "untitled"):
  • Genre or subject, such as mainstream, mystery, time travel, memoir, etc.
    (NOTE: I specialize in fantasy, mystery, suspense, YA and older children's books. I do NOT edit horror, straight romance, or books with graphic violence or sexual content. The only books written for younger children I am now accepting are from previous clients.):
  • Intended audience (to what audience is your manuscript aimed?):
  • Your word processing program and version:
  • How you found my service (which search engine, a link, etc.):
  • Please note that you retain all rights to your work when you send any material to me. However, if you wish, do you want me to send a signed Confidentiality Agreement?:
  • Number of words you are sending at this time?
  • Amount of fee you are sending and how you are sending it:


BEFORE SENDING $: Do NOT send $ until you have confirmed with me by email that I can put you on my schedule.

  • I offer three methods of payment: PayPal, secure credit card processing of all major credit cards, and by mail.
  • In each case, I maintain strict confidentiality of all client information. Click to these files, page 1 and page 2, to read my (generic) Security Information.
  • Bristol Services Intl. will not exchange or disclose any client information to any other party.
  • Editing fee is 2-cents per word for fiction with a $45 minimum per submission. Each short story is considered a separate submission. Contact me for fees on special projects (non-fiction, queries, etc.) as these may require more time.
  • When you pay by Paypal or by credit card, you will receive a confirmation by email which you can print out for your records.


You can use Paypal to pay for requested services.
Insert your manuscript title or chapter (used as "Payment For"):
Insert your total fee for this submission: Do NOT include a dollar sign. Example: 45.00
Now click on the Paypal button below to pay through Paypal:


Click on the button below the logos to enter a secure credit card processing site. Pop-up blockers should be temporarily disabled for this site to operate correctly. (NOTE: A receipt will come from Transaction Express, email: Check your email, as this might go into a spam type of folder IF you have not placed this email on your accepted list of recipients yet.)

Secure credit card processing


NOTE: Paying by mail will cause a DELAY in when I can begin editing (I wait to receive the mailed fee), so please consider either of the above methods first. However, if you prefer this method, mail a check or money order made out to Bristol Services Intl. and send to:
Bristol Services Intl., P.O. Box 621, Port Hadlock, WA 98339.
Fees are quoted in U.S. dollars. Canadian residents, email first for current exchange rate.


NOTE: Your address and email information will not be sold or transferred to ANY other individual or company.


If the services provided by Bristol Services Intl. are not provided as stated, fees will be promptly adjusted or refunded.

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