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Helping YOU Succeed

For over two decades I've helped writers fulfill their writing goals. Click here to see some secrets to my writers successes.

With my help, bring YOUR words to life.

Editing Services:

ALSO: Hands-on, online, interactive Writing Workshops

My professional editing can give you the answers to:
  • understanding writing techniques
  • plotting clearly
  • creating strong characters
  • setting the scenes expertly
  • knowing if you are on-track
  • recognizing when your story is really flowing smoothly

With me on your team you have:

  1. Answers to your specific questions on your manuscript: no hype, no pulled punches. You get a professional's view of your words
  2. An editor with 20+ years experience in assisting motivated authors like you with writing your book
  3. A guardian of your vision, whether to fulfill established genre expectations or to go on your own path
  4. Assistance with outlines, synopsis and blurbs--whatever you need to complete your book project
  5. A mentor, coach and co-conspirator. I know the demands on your time and the passion you have for writing. I'll be there to keep you on track!

I provide you with the empowerment and the specific tools to:

  • Create characters that readers love (or hate!) but always remember
  • Plot plans that actually work
  • And finish your book on your schedule!


Is your book finished?

Let's discuss your specific needs, your deadline and my schedule. Fees can be hourly for consultations ($45 an hour) or by the word for your manuscript (2-cents a word). Click here to fill in my Request Form.


  • For the writer with a completed book that needs in-depth review
  • Send your entire book manuscript
  • Fee: 2-cents a word ($45 an hour for phone consultations)
  • Click here for more details and to submit.

It is ALSO for:

  • The writer with questions
  • Contact me by email and let's discuss your situation
  • Fee: $45 an hour for phone consultations AFTER our email discussions


If you are just starting your book, or want to revise it in stages, with this program you can work at your own speed, on your own schedule. I help you with a few chapters at a time, give feedback on them, then we go on to the next chapters. You write or revise as we go, and you pay as we go, too!

NO long term commitments, NO contracts. Just send what you have, when you wish to, and pay at that time.

Here's the summary or click here to learn all the details about this unique program.


  • For the writer with no specific deadline
  • Send as much or as little as you wish at a time (we'll work out the timing to fit your needs and my schedule)
  • Write as you go - Pay as you go!
  • Fee: 2-cents a word ($45 an hour for phone consultations)
  • Click here for more details
  • Click here to get started now


Serious about getting your book DONE?

UNLIMITED SUPPORT: We can email, swap ideas, or talk on the phone. You get my undivided attention. Okay, divided a little because I do take on a few Incentive Program clients at a time--but only a few and for good reason: there is only one of me! I do all the editing, reviewing, pondering and hand-holding. I commit to only a few clients at a time for my Incentive Program and only to serious clients who want to get their books written!

DEADLINES: There is nothing like a deadline--that's what keeps the gearshift in drive so the job gets done. My Incentive Program instills the motivation to keep you in gear. You write and send in chapters every month, with the incentive that you will have paid up-front for up to 4 hours worth of editing or consultations each month. YOU are in control of how much you send in each month; but the goal is to keep you writing and get you to "The End."

RETAINER: You pay a monthly retainer fee of $179. You get up to 4 hours worth of my detailed editing and/or consultations each month. Additional hours are charged at a REDUCED rate of $35 an hour (more incentive to get more written!).


  • Incentive Program is for the motivated writer with a distinct goal and/or deadline and incomplete manuscript
  • Unlimited support (don't you love it!)
  • $179 a month retainer fee (includes 4 hours of editing, phone calls, whatever you need that particular month)
  • If you send in more than 4 hours worth for editing, the fee goes DOWN to $35 an hour (vs. $45 an hour)
  • . . . meaning you reach "The End" even sooner!
  • Click here to get started now with an initial evaluation

Give Your Writing the Attention It Deserves

Click here to fill in the Request Form and get started today taking the first step to going from writer to author!

Have a question? Email me!
"Let's bring life to your story . . . and your book to life!"

Complete Confidentiality

I understand the necessity for holding all manuscripts in the strictest of confidence as proprietary information. I recognize that you have full ownership of and rights to your writing. Therefore, you are protected by all pertinent copyright laws to hold exclusive rights to market, sell or transfer your work.

A signed Confidentiality Agreement can be mailed or emailed to you--simply request it when you fill out my form for any of my services.

-- Sandra E. Haven, Fiction Editor and Book Coach

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