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Right here! I know what you want:

  • Professional guidance - in editing and workshops
  • Encouragement focused on YOUR specific situation
  • A coach who understands your unique writer's vision
  • A one-to-one relationship with an editor who cares

My Professional Editing Protects:
Your Story - Your Vision - Your Voice

About Me

I have provided editorial services as a freelance editor for writers from around the world and for book publishers in the United States and Canada for over two decades.

My assistance has helped numerous writers achieve success, whether for publishing a single book to fulfill a personal journey or creating a career as a commerical series writer. Click here to see just a few of the successes of my writing clients.

My article "The Writer's Secret Weapon" was featured in the "Novel & Short Story Writer's Market" published by Writer's Digest. I was profiled as a leading editor for inspiring young writers in Writer's Digest's "The Market Guide for Young Writers." My personal writing has been published in the United States and Europe--from short fiction to human interest articles, and from mainstream to genre, including humor, mystery, romance, satire and science fiction. Writers' Intl Forum--Rated in Top Fiction Markets by Writer's Digest

I was Senior Editor for Writer's Intl. Forum, a magazine instrumental in helping authors world-wide to become more successful in their writing endeavors, which placed in Writer's Digest's Top 50 Fiction Markets for three consecutive years.

You may not feel ready for the world of publishing, or maybe you simply need some assistance on a specific writing project.

That's fine.

Let me help you become the writer you want to be.

As your personal writing coach:

  • I address your general or specific writing questions.
  • I treat you as an individual
  • I view every story as unique.
  • Each manuscript evaluation includes a close look at emphasizing its strengths, as well as a thorough review of potential weak spots, technique variables or genre considerations.

Each project that you send me will be handled on a very personal, one-on-one basis.

Hands-on, Intensive Writing Workshops:

Sandra E. Haven, EditorPuzzled about writing? Want to participate in a writing workshop to improve your writing? Click here to discover how writing workshops can help you in YOUR writing. At the same time you can learn how you can get a free 20-minute phone consultation.

Learn more by clicking here for my Series Writing Workshops

Exclusive Coaching Program:

Learn more about my exclusive "Write As We Go" Coaching Program.

Sandra E. Haven, Editor Want to try out my service on YOUR story?

Becoming a writer can seem daunting--but it doesn't need to be! Let me edit the opening 2,000 to 3,500 words of your manuscript (to the end of a scene or chapter). An Initial Evaluation is charged at my normal fee rate because it is not a "sales pitch" letter, but a full example of how I edit a client's manuscript.

Just multiply my 2-cents a word fee by the number of words you are sending (minimum $45) and include a bit of information about yourself and your story. Click here to request an edit for YOUR story.

To go directly to: Fees    Request Form

Preferred Genres:

I prefer manuscripts which are science fiction, fantasy, mystery, suspense, YA and older children's books.

I prefer not to edit horror, straight romance, or books with graphic violence or explicit sexual content.

The only books written for younger children I am now accepting are from previous clients.

Editing Options:

  • Submit by e-mail for fast response without postage or printing costs!
  • We can both use MS Word's Track Changes feature to save you even more time. You can accept or reject individual edits or groups of suggestions as you review what I send back. (I'll send you info on that method, if you wish.)
  • Do you prefer other options? No problem! Just e-mail me to let me know your preferences.

A Few of My Clients' Books

Click here for a few more of my clients' books and their endorsements.

Fiction Editor

CLIENT ENDORSEMENTS (or see more here)

Writing Success!

"You did a very helpful editorial critique of two of my short stories. After I used your critique to improve the story, 'A Tale Told About An Idiot,' I knew it was a good piece.
It has now been accepted for inclusion in the forthcoming book of stories and poems, READER'S BREAK, and I am grateful to you (and will undoubtedly be calling for your help when I write some new stories)."

--Richard Kerckhoff, Florida

Editing Offers Options!

"Thank you! I've read your comments twice and I kept thinking, 'Well, of course.' No doubt I've been involved with this book for such a long time that it has been almost indelibly imprinted on my thinking. You gave me options that hadn't occurred to me."

--Dixie Wright, Washington

Reveal Your Story!

"I am not a careless writer but I do have a 'blind spot' when I'm reviewing my own work. I appreciated your balanced viewpoint. If ever I discover an opportunity to share a 'tip' with another writer, I will say, 'If you want a spotlight directed into the dark corners of your manuscript, send it to Bristol Services Intl.' Thank you for your time, your personal comments, and your thorough appraisal."

--Lois Lurvey, Texas

Story Sold!

"You gave my story 'Timing is Everything' an Honorable Mention in your writing competition. Alive! published the story. I received a copy along with a generous check. . . your comments on my stories were so important."

--Dede Hammond, Florida


"You were nice enough to suggest two other markets [for one of my manuscripts]. Right away I sent it to Writer's Haven Newsletter. No word from that editor until a couple of weeks ago when she telephoned me on a Sunday evening (!) to ask if she could publish it. I said I'd be delighted. Thank you again!"

--Frances Grimes Yeargin, Texas

Book Published!

"The opportunities you offer aspiring writers is wonderful. It was exactly the type of encouragement that keeps me writing. As a result, I am very happy to announce the publication of my young adult novel, The Spy Who Came in from the Sea, by Pineapple Press, Inc."

--Margaret Nolan, Florida
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